Vinyl Record Sales Are Soaring: An Inconvenient Truth

| Audio · Culture

They’re fragile, heavy, and hard to port around. They’re not very convenient for the listener — you need a good needle to get a decent sound, you have to manually flip one over to hear the full album, and once damaged they are pretty much impossible to repair. So why have vinyl record sales been steadily skyrocketing since 2008? And why should you […]

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Airstream Pulls In Mobile Entrepreneurs & Millennials

| Branding · Creative Strategy · Culture

Like many American brands, Airstream‘s core consumers are Baby Boomers. But they are actively reaching out to younger consumers for growth and sustainability. The fact that Airstream trailers are still 100% American made is a key brand value. Another strategy for finding relevance with younger consumers involves going straight to them and asking how an Airstream might fit into their […]

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Your Brand’s Body Language

· | Branding · Creative Strategy · Culture

How you present yourself says a lot to people who come in contact with you. As humans we know that the clothing we chose, how we style ourselves, and our body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements all give others cues about who we are and what mood or behavior we are prepared for.     For brands, especially […]

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It’s Written All Over Your Face

· | Culture · Emotional IQ

Before humans could write we spoke. But even before we spoke one word our faces were telling our stories. And still today humans, whether in highly saturated media cultures or in remote villages, can identify universal expressions of emotion. This recent article on details new research led by Daniel Cordaro, a psychologist at the University of California at Berkeley […]

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