Omote: Real-Time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping

| art · Design · film + tv · innovation · UX + UI · Video · web

There have been many videos of projection-mapping, but this demo by Omote, is far superior. Programing the projection to recognize a model’s face to follow her as she moves results in real-life CGI — a real-time layer of animated light that’s inseparable from the object itself. There are so many ways to use this kind of projection mapping for all kinds […]

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UX Design — Rosetta UX Research POV

· · | UX + UI

“Mostly, we aren’t asking our users for opinions, and definitely not for design recommendations. The secret is translating their needs and behaviors into a purposeful and engaging experience. That is our job as UX Designers, not theirs. Users don’t do what they say—so don’t believe what they say they will do. Our observations are much more […]

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