All Gone: 2006 Street Culture Almanac

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La MJC, Indesignwetrust and Colette collabed to produce their first book together entitled “All Gone.” The book showcases 180 collectors products that were released in ’06. From sneakers, designer toys, tees, skate decks as well as other artworks, and collectibles can be found in this 2006 Street Culture Bible. It also pays homage to labels and artists such as Bape, Alife, , Medicom, Neighborhood, Nike, Kaws, Futura, James Jarvis, and all the other familiar names in our culture. What’s great about the book is that it also gives insight on the concept for each of the products release. Limited to 500 Copies, “All Gone” contains 178 pages (english text only) and is accompanied by stickers and posters inside.

The book is available at We Sold out.
Available at Collette on January 29th.

Image/Info: Hypebeast

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