Startups, this is how design works: A guide for non-designers

· · · · · · · | Uncategorized (a site by UI/UX designer Wells Riley) is a VERY useful tool when dealing with educating an uninformed  client or department, (creatives, you know what what I’m talking about) or just refreshing your design IQ. I’ve learned over the years that when it comes to good creative, the more informed your client is, the better. Which is why I like that this a guide for all that is great for referencing “design how and why.” The CSS3 layout is pretty nice too. I’m definitely going to be using this site to set the tone for new projects…

I love startups and design, and I want them to be best friends forever. I’m Wells Riley, and I’m graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from Northeastern this spring (2012). I’ve been working with startups for several years, and designing on the Web for even longer.

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