Damien Hirst’s ‘Verity’ makes waves in the UK

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Never one to shy away from controversy, British artist Damien Hirst recently erected Verity, a 20-meter-tall bronze statue near the North Devon town of Ilfracombe. After receiving 100 letters of objection and 177 letters of support of the artwork, the North Devon Council approved of its construction earlier this summer and the statue was installed on October 16. Verity is intended to evoke ideas of law and justice and takes the form of a gigantic pregnant woman skeletally exposed on one side, while wielding a sword with the other. Verity also carries the scales of justice and stands on a plinth of law books. Critics in the town call it “outrageous and grotesque” while others see her as “beautiful and unique”. Councilors of the English seaside town remain optimistic — despite divided opinions. Interesting and well timed in my opinion (with all the political dickery revolving around women’s rights lately).


For more works by Damien Hirst, including prints you can purchase, visit his page on Artsy.net


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