Unmonday 4.3L Ceramic Airplay Speaker

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The Unmonday 4.3L is an independent Airplay speaker, featuring a patented hexagonal porcelain enclosure that delivers superlative sound for the truly mobile-minded audiophile.

Listening to music, wherever you are, should not involve a mess of wires or a tiresome, and often mysterious, hardware pairing process. This is why we designed a speaker that aims for simplicity and usability in all things, without compromising on the most important thing: the sound of your music.


They’ve added an accelerometer based motion sensor, similar to the one found in tablets and smart phones, to determine the speaker’s position. This allows the speaker to be assigned one of five Dolby Surround channels, simply by rotating the device. No software, no hardware, no wires, no buttons (seriously).

— The result is a solution that elegantly embeds the user interface, literally, in the design itself.

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