3D Printed Weapons and You

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With all the gun related atrocities in the media lately it’s hard not to consider what the mass of weapons in the U.S. really means for our safety as citizens. I will not try to sway you (the reader) one way or another, but instead point out a technological reality that will more than likely be an issue in the near future. A friend of mine at Microsoft shared a great article with me on TechCrunch about what gun control problems of the future may hold. There is already a 3D model of an AR receiver that can be printed, combined with other parts, and turned into a working firearm. Legally this is new territory because we will be getting into copyright combined with rights to creation of matter and also freedom of information (if that makes sense). In theory one could literally carry around a jump drive with an arsenal at their disposal in semantic form. Check out the full in depth article at TechCrunch.

If we as a country, and indeed we as a global community, are going to seriously address the question of gun control, we need to address the issue of fabricated weapons and weapon plans, or else the discussion will be moot. This is because the proliferation of 3D printed weaponry changes both the definition of “gun” and of what it means to “control” it.

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