Do You Bore Your Denim?

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I had quite a chuckle at Ad Age writer Ken Wheaton’s critique of the new Levi’s ad, the first in a new “Live in Levi’s” campaign from FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding) who won the account from Wieden & Kennedy. As a fellow copywriter, I would say Ken nailed what’s funky about the ad copy. Here’s a bit of what he had to say:



…we must discuss the text that runs throughout this spot.



“Wear them. Dare them. Share them. Love them. Wash them. Don’t wash them. Rock them. Roll them. Button them. Unbutton them. Work them. Abuse them.”



Most of these are nicely illustrated by the visuals. But dare them? Can you dare a pair of jeans? I thought for a second that maybe the copy referred to the people in the spot. But phrases like “wash them” and “abuse them” clearly indicate we’re talking about the denim (I hope).



Maybe I can overlook that as someone indulging a copywriter.



But then we get to “Just don’t bore them.” We’ve got to worry about our jobs and our families and a hundred other things. Now we have to worry about boring our jeans?

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