Your Brand’s Body Language

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How you present yourself says a lot to people who come in contact with you. As humans we know that the clothing we chose, how we style ourselves, and our body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements all give others cues about who we are and what mood or behavior we are prepared for.  


For brands, especially those that inhabit public physical spaces, there is also body language conveyed. This article I read the other day presented two significant examples of this. Bus benches designed to convert to temporary shelter at night for Vancouver’s homeless demonstrates brand body language by acknowledging a problem and responding with empathy and an invitation. Quite the contrast, in London a supermarket and luxury apartment building placed spikes outside their entryways, also acknowledging a problem but responding with hatred and retaliation.  


Think about the spaces your brand occupies, whether physical or digital, and spend some time analyzing your body language. It might give you some new perspective on what people take away from their interactions with you and why.

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