What’s Up With That Trivago Guy?

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Mashable’s Todd Wasserman just asked the question that’s been on our minds quite frequently this summer, “What’s Up With That Trivago Guy?” Actually, many of us are asking this question. Slate’s Troy Patterson recently dubbed him “The Least Interesting Man in the World.” Patterson ponders, “Who is he? Why should I trust his judgment? What is his profession? Record producer? Is his travel-planning wisdom born of bitter experience? Has he got any drugs?”


We can all agree it’s an odd casting choice. But it’s clear he’s getting the brand attention. Then again, with their overkill ad placements on TV how could the brand NOT be getting a spike in brand recognition. But what remains to be seen is if this gets the brand the participation they desire. In the meantime we’ll keep watching to see if they stick with his sloppy style or give the guy a belt, an undershirt, and perhaps a closer shave. #TrivagoGuy

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