Airstream Pulls In Mobile Entrepreneurs & Millennials

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Like many American brands, Airstream‘s core consumers are Baby Boomers. But they are actively reaching out to younger consumers for growth and sustainability. The fact that Airstream trailers are still 100% American made is a key brand value. Another strategy for finding relevance with younger consumers involves going straight to them and asking how an Airstream might fit into their lifestyles NOW, as Millennials say they do not plan to wait until they retire to enjoy life and travel.


Airstream teamed up with Columbus College of Art and Design and had students design a model suited for young freelance professionals. Students are on the road now with their creation, capturing the tour with this Tumblr blog. Airstream is also testing less-expensive, lighter, and easier-to-tow designs that might be “less intimidating” to younger buyers.


Since many young people prefer to work for themselves, it’s quite popular to see Airstream trailers turned into mobile retail boutiques, cafés, and urban food trucks like those featured on this Pinterest page. Stacey Steffe, president of the American Mobile Retail Association, a trade organization for mobile retailers, estimates that there are hundreds across the U.S. Since she founded the AMRA in late 2011, the organization has grown from 5 members in California to 70 throughout the country. Airstreams have also become popular options for “location independent” mobile offices. For adventurous entrepreneurs, architects, graphic designers, engineers, and salespeople their headquarters is wherever they choose to park.


Whether the inhabitants are explorers of travel or trade, a strong sense of community is inherent in the brand. Caravans and clubs abound, bringing together lovers of this minimalist-design, maximalist-living trailer.


Airstream currently can’t keep up with demand for new trailers. And shipping manufacturing overseas would compromise everything beloved about the brand. So we give MAD PROPS to their executive leadership and crew in Jackson Center, Ohio for keeping the brand and its manufacturing thriving here at home in the U.S. And we wish great fortune and fun for young entrepreneurs using Airstream trailers to kick-start their American dreams. #LiveRiveted

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