DJ Michelle Pesce Branding

Art Direction / Branding / Creative Strategy / Retouching / Web

Creative Challenge

DJ Michelle Pesce maintained a simple website while she built her DJ career in Los Angeles. After 7 years of the same site design, her burgeoning success drove her to need a website update, and fast. She wanted a mobile-friendly site, hands-on publishing capabilities, and she wanted to integrate social media. Michelle also needed a logo and brand design elements to help build her brand awareness with the many photos and TV appearances she makes.

Creative Solution

Kyle worked with Michelle to develop the best overall design direction and helped transition her assets to a new WordPress site. The refresh gave Michelle a site that was mobile optimized and easily updatable from anywhere in her world travels. Kyle focused Michelle’s branding on her record labels and laptop to help maximize her brand recognition as a DJ during performances at many premiere international press events, including live performances on ABC News’
Good Morning America and the Grammy’s.

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