Air Jordan I Anodized Armor Red

Art Direction / Photography / Retouching

Creative Challenge

Nike’s Air Jordan I is a well-established brand. Since its debut in 1985 Nike has released new styles of the shoe multiple times a year. So it can be quite a challenge to give any one particular Air Jordan I release the attention it deserves. They needed a campaign that made the Air Jordan I Anodized Armor Metallic Red (affectionately dubbed “Cranberry” by sneakerheads) a hero, and celebrated its unique qualities.

Creative Solution

Kyle’s simple yet dramatic creative direction began with shooting immaculate product photography and blindingly perfect retouching of the images to show off the technical craftsmanship of the new shoe. The clouds elevated the object’s status and set up the juxtaposition of airy and anodized. The tagline “Air in there” directly ties in the Air Jordan I brand while focusing on this particular version of it.