United Way Environmental Campaign

Branding / Copywriting / Creative Strategy / Editorial Direction

Creative Challenge

When a steadily struggling economy burdens the middle class, the number of those at the poverty level rises. So you have more people who need help, and fewer to give it to them. In the years 2012 and 2013, the United Way of Greater Kansas City received more requests for assistance than ever. They needed to compel those who could give to do so, and they wanted their appreciation to show in a big way.

Creative Solution

Daryl and her creative partners took a bold, unexpected approach to spur interest and giving. Rather than utilize common advertising areas, they paired intimate, powerful editorial messages with meaningful contextual environments. As a person turned each corner, switched on a light, or picked up a salad in the cafĂ©, they discovered another way their donations make a difference. And saw another big “thanks” paired with the request to “give” again.