25 Years of Photoshopping It

February 20

This week marked the 25th anniversary of Adobe launching their graphics editing computer program Photoshop. To celebrate the event, they released “Dream On” a 60-second animated video compilation featuring artists around the world and their works of art created in Photoshop.

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Inspired By The Need For A Nap

February 9

Who knew that what has become perhaps the most iconic chair and ottoman in the world was originally inspired by the need for a nap. As many articles as I’ve read about this modern design marvel and there’s still something new to discover. Dwell’s Alex Ronan shares some history behind this impeccable-yet-comfy combo.

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Vinyl Record Sales Are Soaring: An Inconvenient Truth

January 22

They’re fragile, heavy, and hard to port around. They’re not very convenient for the listener — you need a good needle to get a decent sound, you have to manually flip one over to hear the full album, and once damaged they are pretty much impossible to repair. So why have vinyl record sales been steadily skyrocketing since 2008? And why should you […]

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A Fistful of Wolves Is A Must-Watch

January 17

This superb Fashion Creatives short film for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin will make you laugh out loud.   It features the C111 and was directed by Danny Sangra (with his perfect blend of weird and awesome). It’s gorgeously styled, shot, and acted by actual fashion industry insiders. And it plays into […]

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Smart Enough To Fail Forward

January 13

“Ignorance was our greatest strength,” admits Vice CEO and co-founder Shane Smith. “We were too stupid to fail.”   Sometimes knowing too much about WHAT WAS is what keeps businesses from realizing WHAT COULD BE. If Vice had stuck with the format they knew best — publishing — they would never have become the broadcasting […]

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A Few Views We Shared In 2014

December 31

Our personal and professional journeys this year took us from Kansas City to LA on to Las Vegas then back to KC. Our goal is always to change and challenge our perspectives. To really know ourselves and the people we’re working for. And to find stories worth sharing and investing ourselves in. These three photographs, each with two chairs, represent […]

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