3D Printed Weapons and You

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With all the gun related atrocities in the media lately it’s hard not to consider what the mass of weapons in the U.S. really means for our safety as citizens. I will not try to sway you (the reader) one way or another, but instead point out a technological reality that will more than likely […]

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A Bionic Future: Exo-Skeletons

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The promise of what the future will bring always makes me incredibly hopeful. I know that technology will shape our future in exciting ways that few people can imagine, but I think about this all the time. Thankfully filmmakers like Maris Curran are documenting the rise of helpful tech, showing the potential for progress and […]

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Harvard Creates Cyborg Flesh

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Bioengineers at Harvard University have created the first examples of cyborg tissue: Neurons, heart cells, muscle, and blood vessels that are interwoven by nanowires and transistors. These cyborg tissues are half living cells, half electronics. As far as the cells are concerned, they’re just normal cells that behave normally — but the electronic side actually […]

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